This page describes the basic steps to get started on Open Cache Acceleration Software (CAS) Framework


The Open CAS Framework (OCF) is a high performance block storage caching meta-library. OCF is not intended to compile on its own as it represents the core caching API. OCF is intended to be used as a caching engine by applications that implement their own adaptation layers.

There are existing implementations which include OCF and provide a more comprehensive functionality. Some of these implementations include:

  • Open CAS Linux.
    Open CAS Linux implements OCF to provide a Linux kernel adapter

  • SPDK OCF Bdev.
    SPDK OCF Bdev implements OCF to provide a virtual block device to use inside SPDK

OCF contains a sample application to exemplify the usage of OCF. This getting started guide will show how to download OCF and compile this sample application.

OCF is hosted in this GitHub repository.

Getting Started

  1. First clone the OCF project

    git clone

  2. Change the current directory to the project folder

    cd ocf

  3. Change directories to example application and compile it

    cd example/simple

Review the example/simple/main.c code and refer to the OCF API Documentation for more details.